Advantages and Disadvantages of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)


Efi Dyah Indrawati

Mid-Semester Assignment

Efi Dyah Indrawati

Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka

Jakarta – Indonesia


Communication and technology have been part of our live, especially in the area of education. In all educational system, the use communication and technology has certain place; therefore, computers play significant role in the learning process. Teaching English for a second-language learner can take benefit from using a computer. Indeed, a computer is a tool and medium that facilitates people in learning a language, although the effectiveness of learning depends totally on the users (Hartoyo 2006, 11).

Recently, the numbers of English teachers using CALL has increased markedly. In addition, many articles have been written about the role of it in English learning. Although the potential of the Internet for educational use has not been fully explored yet and the average school still makes limited use of computers for some reasons , it is obvious that…

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Web 2.0 in education – personal reflection

descargaFor the final project of this class we were asked to make new teams, mine was the second team formed by four girls including me. All the class had the assignment of create an account in a new platform named “Wix” and also, by teams we received a topic related with Web 2.0

My team and I we were in charge of making the section on Wix a about Web 2.0 in Fotolia_71470132_XS-300x300education and we decided to make a kind of an article, so we can publish it. We started to search information about the topic and according to what we found, we made an outline about how our article is going to be.

Then we divided the elements or subtitles of the article and we wrote about it. My assigned section was about the benefits and barriers that using Web 2.0 in education presents. First I made a draft and s the rest of my team, I uploaded to PbWorks so every member of the team could check it.

When we finally had the complete article done, we started to working on the Wix page by editing and modifying the aspect of it. To be honest, this was a very complicated page for me because even when I tried, I couldn’t  work with it. So we decide that one of my partners will be in charge of editing the section of the page that was ours and the rest of the team worked on making a Power point presentation to share our information with the class.

At the end, in spite of the difficulties we made a good work, and as I said before, I like to work in teams because we are able to share our ideas and this also makes the work easier.

It is important to mention that we didn’t have any problem to communicate because we also created a group on Facebook and we used it for every change, or whenever someone had completed their task, we posted on it.

Reflection about the short story

13090152_10209918569710998_301533838_n (1)

I was part of the fourth team for this activity. Working in teams, for me is a great way of learning because everyone can contribute their own ideas and thoughts, and for this assignment wasn’t the exception.

We created a short story in a webpage that we didn’t know, named Storybird, and as everything that is new, it made me feel desperate. We did a picture book, and also this was a big challenge because we had to create the story from a specific art that someone had posted, but then we find the way to make the work and at the end it was successful. Each member of the group was on charge of a task because we considered that in that way it will be easier and better in order to complete the assignment.

It is important to mention that we didn’t have any problem to communicate because we also used a group on Facebook and every change or whenever someone had completed their task, we posted on it.

To finalize, the final product of this assignment was totally a good one for me. And I liked that we shared our stories with the different teams.

Personal reflection :)

Business rating concept - Flat Vector

Thanks to the presentations that my classmates shared I could learn more about social media interaction in a general way. I also learned how to use a platform (WordPress) that was unknown for me, the importance of plagiarism and about scaffolding.

The task that we were asked to
do, for me was easier to do it by teams, because everyone can give their own point of view, ideas, opinions and it’s in charge of some specific assignment. Also giving and receiving feedback from my team’s partners were something very helpful because that helped me to be aware of my mistakes, and I could give my opinion referring to their works.

I like the use of PbWorks because it is a platform in which we can upload and download formal documents. The use of Facebook is something that I don’t enjoy at all, because for me it is a social network which I use to communicate with people but in a social and completely out academic way, so I think that is encroaching my personal space, but on the other hand, it is a tool that notifies you about what your partners do or share, not in an automatically way, which I consider could be better, but at least it does.

About WordPress, I can say that it wasn’t easy to use it at the beginning but this blog is a useful tool for this topic because we can write and post from an idea to an article, and at the same place receive comments or likes. And the last tool the plagiarism-checker, I had never used a tool to check if the text that I write or I read are original and this because I wasn’t aware of the importance of it, so now I consider important the use of it.

In simple words, the use of technology for writing assignments is a great advantage nowadays, also receiving feedback that allows us the chance to correct our work. And because we all are different and we have different opinions, sometimes working in teams can be a disadvantage, and the time that we require in order to reach an agreement.

Otherwise, the overall writing process was easier and better by teams and with the use of the platforms.

College students’ social network experiences on Facebook


According with this study, 91% of college students use because of the social interaction that this allows.

College students spend at least 10 to 30 minutes daily on this page.

Students mention that this community page allow them communicate with their friends in an easy way and students can show a personal identity.

About the interacting part, Facebook encourage:

  • Outline lurking
  • Communicating on walls
  • Group membership

Working on: 8 tips to improve your pronunciation and fluency


  1. Practicing while reading: an effective way to do this, is to listen to the audio book while you read the text and imitate the speaker. For greater effectiveness, record yourself speaking and compare it to the audio book.
  2. Speak slowly:  speaking slowly will give you time to breathe and think about what you want to say next. Because it gives you time to think while you are speaking, you’ll feel more relaxed and you won’t sound nervous or indecisive.

What I have learned in class…

descargaIn the “teaching and evaluating second language writing” class, we have seen some theories about writing. I will mention what I have learned.

“A cognitive process theory of writing” by Flower, L & Hymes, JR. (1981) which explains that there are three stages that we should dominate or have in order to start writing. Each of them has their own characteristics and particular steps:

  • Task environment
  • Long-term memory
  • Working memory

We also reviewed two methods, by creating one example of each with a free topic, this to help us to know the ideas that we want to put in a text. They were spider web and outline.

After this, we continue learning by presenting in front of the class, different articles that teacher gave us, divided in groups to make it easier.

Some of the presentations were about:

  • Writing guidelines– as the name says, some guidelines, tips, examples and steps of how to write an article were presented.
  • Second language acquisition and writing– this presentation was about the study, product, context and teaching of writing.
  • Computer mediated communication– this, as I mentioned in my last post, is a process in which people create, exchange and perceive information using networked telecommunication systems.
  • Digital literacy– is the ability to gather, organize, analyze and evaluate information using technological devices and how we actually utilize it.

Our teacher also taught us how to use WordPress, in order to encourage us to use it successfully.

So far, that is part of what we are seeing in this class, hoping to learn more about writing in a second language, in this case for us, English.